This Risk Assessment is based upon guidance from Badminton England and has been undertaken by Gosford Hill Badminton Club (GHBC). It has been conducted to address hazards / events related to the global pandemic COVID-19 and how GHBC can mitigate these risks. Ultimately, the control actions that GHBC put into place will allow GHBC to return to playing badminton whilst maintaining safety of players and the facilities they use.

The Club Constitution describes the objectives of the club and governs the way in which it is run. It may only be changed with approval of members in an official General Meeting.

The equity policy describes the club’s commitment to ensure fairness in sport, equality of access and to recognising inequalities. All club members must abide by this policy.

This child protection policy demonstrates the importance that this club places on the protection of children who participate in the club programme. The club is committed to ensuring that its young members are able to enjoy a wide range of activities in a safe environment.

We have developed this privacy statement to provide details on the data we collect, and how that data may be stored, processed and shared for the purposes of administering the club.

Gosford Hill Colts

We ask that all members of the Colts junior club agree to the terms of this Code of Conduct for the safety and well-being of all our members.

We ask that all parents of members of the Colts junior club abide by the terms of this document, to ensure the safety and well-being of all our members.